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At Hagent Agency, we provide a complete range of web graphic applications development to our customers in addition to our web design for building and implementing SVG graphics in our Web applications.




    This is a free consultation part allows us the opportunity to get to know you, what you are passionate about, and what direction you want to take your business. Leaving no stone unturned, we will provide your project with a specification and brainstorm the ideas with you.


    Now we will design a wireframe in graphic view so you can see what your website will look like. We'll spend time in this stage until your website looks like how you want it. Only after you approve the framework and the website concept will we move forward.


    Once you approve the final look for your website, we turn the next step and our developers should get started with coding. You actually can trust our experience, we will set IT standards-based and accessible websites that work well in modern web browsers on any devices.


    Now time to show your site to the world! Once we launch your website, we don't just disappear or leave you with a great looking project, but no way of managing and redesign it. We work carefully with your team throughout the process, enabling the real smooth transition.


    Now that you have an awesome website, we want to make sure it stays awesome. Our experts are always available for any questions or updates you may need. Our staff also can help you get ranked higher on Google through our SEO solutions.

  • DONE

    It's really important to us to build long-term relationships with our clients, so our primary preferences are for long term projects. Our web development process is time-sensitive and client-driven.

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Ecommerce websites are always require updating, that needs to be done and fine tuning to get the best search engine listings


  • Planning

    Site specification, site plan. Website planning is probably the very important stage of building a website. Without a basic plan about how your website will be organized and operate it will take you longer to complete it, make it difficult for you to accomplish your goals, and will make it harder for your visitors to find what they are looking for.

  • Gather content

    Understanding what a project will deliver is critical to success. Our team working on the project will gather most the relevant information. Texts, Logos, Brochures, Photos and Video, Copies of your products and services.

  • Structure

    In a structure stage, we’ll design a sitemap in a tree view. A sitemap is a list of all the topics the website is supposed to cover, as well as the likely placement or navigation, forms, services, events, products, media items, for each area of content. The sitemap acts as a guide throughout the web design process.

  • Design

    Itemize the steps, that need to be taken during the web design process are too numerous and specific, but there is one factor that plainly rings true: Successful web design and visual look of the site respond to a client’s needs.

  • Testing

    A collaborative effort to ensure the website is functioning at full capacity, optimized, bugs and error free, is the final stage of the pre-launch project to the public. We try to break the website at the same time we are checking for efficiency. Fine tune is absolutely crucial, and the best opportunity to make sure that each task on your new site is running correctly.

  • Live

    Once the testing stage is complete and our client is 100% satisfied with the result, that is ready to go live, we will transfer it to the live server. The website made live to public ongoing refinement.

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