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The Rise Of Marketing Automation - Reach your customers even when they aren't on your website

Web pushes offer a great alternative to money and time-consuming marketing emails, social media ads or dedicated mobile apps that can saturate easily and produce unsatisfactory results over a long period of time. They are simple to implement and monitor, as well as driving positive ROI in terms of customers clicks rates, time spent on pages and sales conversion. It is a comprehensive tool to help you achieve your re-engagement goals and improve the overall customer experience. Browser pushes is a privileged direct channel between your business and your customers.

Nonetheless, permission to send push notifications is easily revocable and one should not flood their subscribers with unnecessary messages. Here are 6 ways to successfully integrate website push notifications to your e-commerce.

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Push Notifications for Web and Mobile

Website Push Notifications are short messages (125 characters) targeting visitors that have preemptively allowed to be alerted, via an opt-in popup button. The script works on both desktop (which still accounts for 42% of the worldwide web traffic & 75% of online sales) tablets and mobile browser. Subscribers can be reached instantly even when they are off your website. Upon clicking on the notification, customers are redirected to the URL embedded within the message.

This features can be implemented on both http and https websites. Need help to implement this features? Here we are!

NOTE: We provide OneSignal and PushCrew Push Notifications implementation as standard included in all our pricing plans.

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