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Logo Design - the beginning your branding journey

Your logo needs to be recognizable. It’s essential when designing your brand logo. The vector format is the most desirable one for logos. EPS vector formats are good for print and SVG vector formats are ideal for responsive web design, allowing logos, icons, etc - to appear super crisp on all screen sizes and devices - making sure your brand is being displayed perfectly. However, the design of the vector forms does require a good deal of prior knowledge. Vector graphic need to be created with software that is specially designed to create these wire-frame-type images. JPG & PNG raster formats will often appear blurry and pixelated, therefore we strongly recommend vector as the desired format for all of our logos.

Responsive Template Image 01
Hagent Logo Image 02
Some Logo Image 03
A logo is not only a pretty image - it is a brand mark with substance - a solid foundation to build upon

Let our professional graphic and web designers do their magic. If you need any help to create your logo please contact us and include a visual mockup of intended use, just tell us:

  • The name of your company and/or product;
  • The url address for your website ;
  • End some examples of inspiration logos for your business. You can upload images through your account or send us links where we can view the logo ideas.

NOTE: We provide Logo Design as standard included in all our pricing plans.

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